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Beads Max Classic H 10ml

Beads Max Classic H 10ml

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Aesthetics UK Supplier of Beads Max Classic H 1 x 10ml

Achieve fuller, shapelier contours with our Beads Max Classic H volumizing dermal filler specially formulated for the body. This injectable gel adds projection and definition to the breasts and buttocks.

Beads Max Classic H Body Filler - Breast and Buttocks Augmentation

Beads Max contains a robust 20mg/ml concentration of cross-linked hyaluronic acid for stable, long-lasting augmentation. The unique manufacturing process creates a highly viscous gel with an optimum balance of flow and malleability.

The smooth, cohesive filler integrates seamlessly into the tissue for very natural-looking enhancement. It also contains lidocaine to maximize patient comfort during injection.

Approved solely for large volume restoration, this HA filler adds fullness safely and effectively. It delivers immediately visible results that last up to 24 months. Beads Max is designed to be completely bioresorbable and easily broken down by hyaluronidase if needed.

Purchase includes 1 sterile syringe containing 10ml of smooth, cohesive Beads Max Classic H dermal filler. Reshape and boost your contours with this body-appropriate hyaluronic acid volumiser.

    Each box is 1 x 10ml 

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