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Elaxen Plla

Elaxen Plla

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Poly-L-Lactic Acid and minerals and peptides to improve skin tone and reduce wrinkles. Produces new collagen and helps to to improve your skin tone and reduce any wrinkles and make it brighter and healthier. Helps restore elasticity. Excellent in healing and rejuvenating wounds, helping skin regeneration and soothing effects. Provides conditioning to the skin and helps calm the skin. Effective for skin regeneration and skin barrier strengthening. Helps to relive skin irritation as well as skin protection.

Elaxen Plla a groundbreaking skincare solution

Elaxen Plla is a groundbreaking skincare solution that visibly minimises the appearance of enlarged pores for a more refined, even complexion. This lightweight, quick-absorbing formula contains a potent blend of Polylactic Acid (PLA), niacinamide, and nourishing botanicals that work synergistically to tighten pores, control excess sebum production, and restore skin’s texture.

The hero ingredient PLA goes beyond surface level to work deep within the skin, addressing the root causes of visible pores like loss of elasticity and collagen breakdown. Over time, pores appear reduced in size for smoother, flawless looking skin. Niacinamide regulates sebum activity to prevent pores from becoming clogged and stretched out. Natural botanicals like green tea, gingko biloba, and witch hazel refine texture by gently exfoliating and cleansing within pores.

Dermatologist tested and non-comedogenic. Uses cutting-edge biodegradable PLA technology to deliver real results without microplastics. Leaves skin feeling fresh and pores looking minimised without dryness or irritation.

How to use:

Cleanse your face and neck

Apply 5ml of Elaxen ampoule on face and neck

Apply three pieces of mask sheet on face and neck

Fix masks by spritzing Elaxen mist and wait 30 minutes before gently removing masks

Spritzs mist after removal of mask for better effect

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