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Nithya Collagen Powder

Nithya Collagen Powder

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Aesthetics Supplier of Nithya Collagen Powder

Rejuvenation option with Nithya - a premium sterile collagen filler ideal for natural-looking skin revitalization and contour enhancement. This powder formula creates a customizable injectable when mixed that rivals coveted volumizers. 

Nithya for deep dermal and subdermal tissues

 Nithya leverages the power of biopsy-proven type I equine collagen for reliable, gradual facial tissue restoration. This sterile off-white powder simply mixes with saline or distilled water to create a thick, mouldable injectable filler.

The suspension seamlessly integrates within deep dermal and subdermal tissues for smooth, even replenishment.
The key advantage of Nithya over traditional fillers is its adjustable consistency and wide treatment versatility. The powder concentration within the suspension means you control the thickness and area specificity. Mix just 70mg for fine wrinkles and thin skin or up to 120mg for deeper contours. This flexibility suits both delicate and dramatic facial rejuvenation. Nithya restores depleted collagen levels that lead to wrinkles, folds and diminished facial volumes.
The integrated collagen provides gradual yet consistent plumping as it synthesizes within tissue. Smoothing and volumizing continues for months with properly spaced touch-up treatments. Total duration lasts around 9 months. This innovative filler excels at cheek and mid-facial replenishment, softening pronounced nasolabial folds and marionette lines. It fills temple hollowing, fade under eye circles and lifts jowls.
Even deep contours like chin and jawline benefit from subtle yet satisfying redefinition. For precision, use small injection deposits. Nithya’s gel-like consistency upon mixing allows even product integration within targeted facial planes. The mouldable formula eases injection and shaping while minimizing product migration. Your adjustments create natural enhancement customised to each patient’s rejuvenation goals and anatomy.

The key features of Nithya for aesthetics:

  • Sterile collagen injections with exceptional safety and proven effectiveness.
  • Pharmaceutical grade formula avoids common allergens for reliable tolerance across skin types.
  • The biologically compatible collagen smoothly integrates within human tissue for satisfying, gradual volumizing.
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