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Lumifil Kiss

Lumifil Kiss

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LUMIFIL KISS with Lidocaine

The perfect HA dermal filler for lip augmentation and areas where a thicker higher viscosity solution is needed.

Lumifil Kiss with Lidocaine is an advanced hyaluronic acid dermal filler designed for lip augmentation and facial rejuvenation. This thick, high viscosity injectable gel provides natural-looking volume while smoothing fine lines around the mouth and nasal folds. Lidocaine helps minimise discomfort during and after treatment.

Lumifil Kiss the perfect HA dermal filler

With its cohesive, malleable texture, Lumifil Kiss integrates smoothly into facial tissues for a soft, refreshed, youthful appearance. The hyaluronic acid attracts and binds water to enhance hydration and plumpness. Results last up to 12 months. FDA approved and produced under strict quality standards, Lumifil Kiss is a safe, effective option for lip fillers and facial rejuvenation. 

Lumifil KISS can also be used in the cheeks, chin, jawline and Nasolabial folds depending on the nature of the wrinkles.

Benefits of Lumifil Kiss with Lidocaine

  • High Viscoelasticity – Offering long-lasting volume.
  • Low Phase Angle – LUMIFIL stays closer to the injection site for longer.
  • Patented Particle Technology – LUMIFIL has achieved uniform particle size, creating easier injections and moulding and enhancing the effects of the treatment.
  • High Quality & Density – LUMIFIL offers one of the most dense HA fillers on the market achieving a huge 2,500,000 da particle weight, meaning added volume for longer.
  • Longer lasting approx 9-12 months.
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