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Regenovue Fine

Regenovue Fine

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Aesthetics Supplier of Regenovue Fine Plus Lidocaine

Refresh the delicate eye area and erase superficial wrinkles across the face with Regenovue Fine Plus Lidocaine dermal filler. This CE-marked hyaluronic acid injectable leverages subtle plumping and hydration paired with lidocaine for comfortable, long-lasting skin revitalization.

Regenovue Fine Plus Lidocaine helps tackle early aging signs and skin concerns through the regenerative power of its cross-linked 20mg/mL HA formulation. Precise injections replenish hydration while enhancing elasticity for naturally smoother skin up to 12 months. The added anesthetic minimizes discomfort even in sensitive areas.

The smooth consistency paired with meticulously calibrated microspheres allow this HA filler to seamlessly integrate across superficial skin layers. Your strategic injections expertly relax fine lines and wrinkles from repeated facial movements and early collagen loss. Frown lines, crow's feet and upper lip lines are softly filled and lifted.

Regenovue Fine Plus Lidocaine For Under Eyes

Even delicate tissues like the thin under eye area benefit from the lightweight hydrating effects. Regenovue Fine Plus Lidocaine freshens tired eyes by softly reducing the look shadows, bags, dark circles and fine lines for a more revived appearance.

The skin-identical HA formula provides lasting hydration and moisture balance for positively radiant skin. Rough texture feels supple again and radiance is restored for a flawless natural glow. Some volume correction of lip lines and nasolabial folds is also possible thanks to the hardy cross-linked spheres.

Proactively nourish aging skin by injecting the hydration it has lost over time. Bring multiple concerns into harmony through a single appointment with Regenovue Fine Plus Lidocaine for comfort, longevity and satisfaction. Restore confidence along with a bright and smooth facial canvas ready for makeup application.

Buy Regenovue Dermal Fillers 

Regenovue dermal fillers leverage patented low molecular weight HA technology and stringent production standards for safe, trustworthy wrinkle relaxation. Low immunogenicity and ultra pure HA allow predictable treatments and rare complications. Integrated lidocaine enables treating even sensitive areas with no pain or downtime.

Gently smooth fine facial lines and early wrinkling with reversible HA replenishment. Refresh the eye area and bring radiance back to dull skin anywhere on the face or neck. Give your patients the ultimate painless renewal in one appointment with Regenovue Fine Plus Lidocaine.

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