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Revolax Deep

Revolax Deep

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Revolax Deep Lidocaine Aesthetics UK Wholesale Supplier

Unlock the secret to ageless beauty with Revolax Deep with Lidocaine, a biodegradable, non-animal based dermal filler that embodies the epitome of innovation. This crystal-clear, crosslinked filler boasts high viscoelasticity, making it the ideal solution for mid to deep dermis and subcutaneous layers. Elevate your clients aesthetic experience as Revolax Deep with Lidocaine seamlessly addresses nasolabial folds, laugh lines, forehead wrinkles, and facilitates augmentation for the nose, cheeks, and chin.

Revolax Deep with Lidocaine – Your Premier Choice for Facial Enhancement!

Key Features:

  1. Crystal Clear Crosslinked Formulation: Enjoy the clarity of beauty with Revolax Deep with Lidocaine. Crafted with a crystal-clear, crosslinked dermal filler formulation, it seamlessly integrates with your natural features, delivering a rejuvenated and natural appearance.

  2. Versatility in Application: Address a spectrum of facial concerns with confidence. Revolax Deep with Lidocaine is designed for mid to deep dermis and subcutaneous layers, making it an ideal choice for nasolabial folds, laugh lines, forehead wrinkles, and precise augmentation of the nose, cheeks, and chin.

  3. Thicker and Longer Lasting Gel: Revolutionise your clients anti-aging journey with Revolax Deep with Lidocaine's thicker and longer-lasting gel. Tailored for the treatment of deep-sized wrinkles and nasolabial folds, this exceptional filler ensures enduring results, elevating your clients facial contours for a more youthful look.

  4. Mono-phasic HA Filler: Crafted as a mono-phasic Hyaluronic Acid (HA) filler, Revolax Deep with Lidocaine is optimised for injection in the deep dermis or subcutaneous tissue. This precision ensures targeted and effective results, setting it apart in the realm of dermal fillers.

Revolax Deep Advanced Formulation:

  • HA Concentration 24mg/ml: Experience the power of a potent solution with a Hyaluronic Acid concentration of 24mg/ml. Revolax Deep with Lidocaine brings efficacy and excellence to your facial enhancement journey.

  • Lidocaine HCl 0.3%: Elevate your comfort during the procedure with the addition of Lidocaine HCl at 0.3%. This local anesthetic ensures a painless experience, making your journey towards beauty more enjoyable.

Applications and Treatments:

  • Nasolabial folds
  • Laugh lines
  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Nose augmentation
  • Cheek augmentation
  • Chin augmentation
  • Lip augmentation

Order Revolax Deep with Lidocaine Today!

Help clients rediscover a more youthful, address deep wrinkles and enhance facial features with confidence. With a voluminous 1.1ml per syringe, order Revolax Deep with Lidocaine now, in bulk wholesale prices.

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