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Sharps Bin 22 Litre

Sharps Bin 22 Litre

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Sharpsafe Sharps Bin 22 Litre - Wholesale Prices at Aesthetics UK

Sharpsafe Sharps Bins 22 Litre, now available for purchase at the best wholesale prices exclusively from Aesthetics UK. Designed for convenience and compliance, these bins offer a range of features and benefits to optimize the disposal process.

22 Litre Yellow Sharps Bins Key Features & Benefits:

Easy Four-Click Assembly: Streamline your workflow with the easy four-click assembly of Sharpsafe Sharps Bins 22 Litre. This user-friendly design ensures quick setup, saving time and enhancing operational efficiency in your medical or aesthetic facility.

In-Mould Labels and Fill Line: Stay organised and compliant with in-mould labels and a clearly marked fill line. These features provide essential information and guidelines for proper usage, ensuring a safe and regulated disposal process.

Carry Handles: Built-in carry handles facilitate easy and secure transportation of the 22-litre Sharpsafe Sharps Bins. Whether moving within your facility or for disposal purposes, the carry handles enhance convenience and ensure safe handling.

Stackable Base and Lids: Optimise storage space with the stackable design of both the base and lids. The space-saving feature allows for efficient storage and organisation, promoting a tidy and well-managed workplace.

Large Aperture for Safe Disposal: The Sharpsafe Sharps Bins 22 Litre feature a large aperture, ensuring safe and efficient disposal. The design minimizes the risk of accidental injuries during the disposal process, prioritising user safety.

Temporary and Final Closure Feature: Enjoy the flexibility of temporary and final closure features. These bins offer secure temporary closure for ongoing use and a final closure for safe disposal, providing control over the disposal process.

Sharpsafe Sharps Bins ideal for theatres, laboratories and sluice rooms for hazardous waste. The wide aperture of the yellow 22 allows for economical and convenient disposal of large items.

Why Choose Aesthetics UK:

  • Best Wholesale Prices: Aesthetics UK offers Sharpsafe Sharps Bins 22 Litre at unbeatable wholesale prices, ensuring you receive high-quality products while optimizing your budget.

  • Reliable Source: Trust Aesthetics UK as your reliable source for top-quality medical and aesthetic supplies. Our products meet industry standards, guaranteeing safety and effectiveness.

Purchase Sharpsafe yellow sharps bin at the best wholesale prices from Aesthetics UK, ensuring a secure and compliant disposal process.

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