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Swann Morton Dermaplaning Blades

Swann Morton Dermaplaning Blades

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Swann Morton Dermaplaning Blades are aesthetic sterile disposable scalpels No 14 used on the upper layers of skin, complimenting by controlled surgical shaping.The whole face or smaller areas of skin will benefit from this procedure

Swann Morton Dermaplaning Blades basically the blades can be used in 2 ways, it can successfully remove the peach fuzz , which often traps dirt /oil, or in conjunction with many different treatments-chemical peel, microdermabrasion including (FPL) fluorescent  being non invasive, it supports and aids other procedures and enhances their performances.

Swann Morton Dermaplaning Blades each sealed blade is individually placed in a thermoformed  tray making them totally sterile. CE marked on the reverse of each blade showing improvement via visible packaging which  ensures improved safety standards have been met. Another safety precaution is when peeling off the package its seal will change its colour proving that the blades integrity has not been breached upon reaching the client so you can rest assured the blades have arrived to you in a pristine, sterile condition

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